Church Cricket

On the Sunday 23rd August, as the Ashes were being won at the Oval, All Saints' played an entertaining and nail biting match against St John's Stanmore at Kenton Cricket Club. All Saints' lost the toss and went out to field. David Mercer was the first to bowl, but despite his accuracy and pace, did not manage to secure any wickets. Andy was next to bowl, and with his fast pace and dominating physical presence on the crease, succeeded in taking 3 wickets for the team. Errol and Jemal were next to bowl, followed by Joe Mercer who picked up two early wickets, with his accurate left arm bowling. James Rogers and David Timms also added to the wicket total with 2 outstanding catches off Steven's and Jemal's bowling.
St John's Stanmore finished their 20 over innings on 100-9.

James Mercer and James Rogers volunteered to be the opening batsmen for our team and managed to get 4 between them before James Mercer was run out and James Rogers was caught.
The next two batsman in were David Mercer and Andy. Andy went on to get 12 before being caught out. Joe Mercer entered the field, managing to gain 1 run, before being caught out by a spectacular diving catch.
David Mercer and Chris Timms then started to get the run rate going and made 50 between them until Chris was bowled for 22 and David retired at 28.
Steve and Jemal were under huge pressure for the last 4 overs, as we needed 19 runs to win. When it came down to the last ball of the game we were drawing on 100 and needed one more run to win. The tension was electric. The game was won for All Saints', with a climactic strike by Jemal over the heads and out-streched arms of the fielders.

This hugely tense game was won on the last ball and has broken the 5 years record of defeat for All Saints' at the hands of St John's.

Batting Order

James Mercer
3-----------Run Out
James Rogers
------ -- 1---------- Caught
David Mercer
Joseph Mercer
------ 1-----------Caught
Chris Timms (W)
-----------------11-----------Not Out
--------------- -8-----------Not Out
David Timms (C)

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