Simply Christian
Why Christianity Makes Sense

Have you ever wondered why humans in all places and times have yearned for beauty, truth, spirituality and justice? Tom Wright contends that it is because we hear the echoes of God’s voice –the same God who created the world, is known through the children of Israel and Jesus Christ, and who is at work in the world through the Holy Spirit. Connecting to this God through worship, prayer, scripture and the church leads to life that is full and abundant.

Dr Tom Wright, the former Bishop of Durham and one of the UK’s leading New Testament scholars, offers a fresh and inspiring presentation of the Christian story, making the case that faith is reasonable and rewarding for us today. In this new course, Tom Wright expands on the themes of his acclaimed and best-selling book Simply Christian in ten inspiring and informative dvd based lessons.

The ten topics are as follows:

Justice & Spirituality
The Holy Spirit
Relationships & Beauty
Worship & Prayer
Church & New Creation

Tom Wright is one of today’s best known and most respected New Testament scholars and Christian speakers. Wright has had a distinguished academic and pastoral career, including teaching at Oxford University. He has written over thirty books, including the award-winning The Resurrection of the Son of God and, more recently, Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense.

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