I guess I had a slightly nomadic childhood: born in Aberdeen, where I stayed until I was eleven (you may just about be able to discern the accent), then I moved to Lincolnshire for a short while until, at the age of thirteen, I ended up in Maidenhead, where I then stayed for the next twenty years, and where I met and married Quinton. My initial ‘call’ into ministry was about fifteen years ago, as I got involved with working with the young people at the church I worshipped at. I then found myself wanting to offer more to God and the people God loves and so, in the end, left my job in the Clinical Research industry and began a part-time theology degree, training as an independent student, at Spurgeon’s college (a Baptist college in South London). Being part-time and also with two maternity breaks, this degree took nine years to complete, and so gave God enough time to work on me and eventually I began to think that God may just want me to train for ministry. And so it was, after much discernment, that I found myself, together with my husband Quinton and two children, Talitha and Elijah, moving to Cambridge to train at Ridley Hall for ordained ministry. Quinton is a Design Engineer and works part-time both at home and in the office and also has our two children to keep him busy! He enjoys cycling and, as an engineer, likes building stuff and fixing things . Talitha prefers to be known as Tali and likes dancing and playing her clarinet and the usual ‘nearly ten-year-old’ stuff of hanging out with her friends. Elijah is nearly eight and has inherited his dad’s mathematical mind and his mum’s reflective nature, he loves playing football with his mates and being tickled by his dad. We are all looking forward to coming to Harrow Weald and getting to know you all at All Saints’ and also the wider community. Blessings Jody


When I was little I wanted to be one of two things, either a teacher, or an actress. Never in a million years was ‘vicar’ on my agenda! (Although sometimes I do wonder if there is something of a dramatic as well as a teaching nature to ordained ministry.....). So it did take rather a long time for me to hear God’s call to this interesting life I now find myself in.